The Work of Dan Chosich

at Microsoft, working on human-focused desigN + Storytelling for the Halo Franchise.


In 2008, I graduated  film school.  That same year I attended Savannah College of Art & Design. In 2010, I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in motion media design.  In between 2003-2010 I worked at a few fine post-production studios and ad-agencies on both coasts.  

Since January of 2011, I have worked at Microsoft on the Halo franchise in various capacities of production.  The past few years have been spent in a creative leadership role, incubating on projects and experiences that live outside the franchise.  The goal is to instill wonder or curiosity into the experiences that I have a hand in.

I:  Design.  Analyze.  Pitch.  Shoot.  Edit.  Sound design.  Texture.  Composite.  Model.  Animate.  Rig.  Sculpt.  Direct.  Write.  Learn and let go.  Some things I enjoy more than others--but I have never questioned my path.  I'm fortunate to have known what I wanted to do and began creating by the age of 14.  Out of everything I've learned it is my desire is to bring, advocate, or champion good ideas into the world.  My passion is to create or shape moments that resonate, are authentic, and feel undeniable.